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Rocky Mountain Blues Troopers  
To foster a supportive environment for all Blues dancers to grow personally, as well as provide opportunities for leadership and performance in the Blues dance community. We will strive to meet goals in the areas of skill level development, local outreach, and local/regional performances.

Learning Goals
Obtain knowledge of Blues movement, moves, and performance
Master Frame Matching and how movement creates connection
Obtain mastery of Drag Blues and Jookin'
Increase confidence and skill level of solo movement
Make friends, have fun

Weekly practice on Tuesdays, 4:00 – 6:30pm
9 month commitment
Practice outside of team practice
10-15 performances
$45/month (costumes not included)
Roaring Under Twenties  

The Roaring Under Twenties is a high school Lindy Hop performance troupe. We run in three month seasons. Practice is weekly. The cost for the month is $45. Each person will be assigned a partner and the only criteria for joining is that you will commit to all three months. There will be various opportunities to perform, as well as receiving many discounts for workshops and dance intensives.

Interested in scheduling a workshop or private lessons? Just shoot us an email!