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Upcoming Events

Feb 2016 - Alamo Stomp; San Antonio, TX - Teaching with Shauna Marble
Feb 2016 - Austin Blues Workshop; Austin, TX - Teaching with Campbell Miller
Feb 2016 - Lindy Diversion; Denver, CO - Teaching with Shauna Marble and Aimee Eddins
Mar 2016 - Pirate Swing; Ann Arbor, MI - Teaching with Julie Brown
Mar 2016 - Backwater Blues; Huntsville, AL - Teaching with Julie Brown
Mar 2016 - Drag Blues Workshop; Los Angeles, CA
Apr 2016 - Drag Blues Workshop; Minneapolis, MN
Jun 2016 - Nova Blues; Edmonton, Alberta - Teaching with Mike Legenthal
Jun 2016 - Mile High Blues; Denver, CO - Teaching with Whitton Frank and Campbell Miller
Sept 2016 - St. Louis Blues Workshop; St. Louis, MO - Teaching with Mike Legenthal